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"When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be."  Lao Tzu

I use a variety of techniques and tools to help facilitate your sessions and guide you along your path to health and healing.

I have been a student of Reiki for many years. I continue to learn new techniques and develop my intuitive abilities and will always be a student of this wonderful gift of energy work in its many forms! I have studied within the traditional form of Reiki (Usui) along with studying Celtic and Shamanic Reiki (both Earth-based forms of Reiki). I combine these systems along with using a variety of additional skills/ tools (as I am guided to), assisting you during your sessions.

It is my belief that each individual knows (at least on a High-Self level) where energy is needed and I am honored and humbled to be a part of the process when you decide you are willing to work toward re-membering your authentic self.

I believe we all need need a safe place to explore our areas of imbalance/hurt/trauma, along with someone to help facilitate the sessions - opening us up to really seeing our authentic and beautiful selves! It is my pleasure and honor to serve in this intimate and powerful process.

Each session is unique and individualized depending on your needs in any given moment in time. Each session will begin with a check-in, determining your needs. Once you have decided on an intention for the session, I will facilitate your healing session. Then, we will process what went on during the session. Traditionally, the entire process is approximately one hour in length. However, depending on your needs/desires, we can adjust the length of the session accordingly (some sessions have lasted 3+hours).

I have found that often when someone commits to working with me, the work is complete during the first three sessions. Sometimes it may take additional sessions as some clients like to layer through their healing. It is my belief that when you seek to restore this type of balance to your life you will experience true healing once you make a commitment to the process. The rate that healing occurs is strictly up to you and the amount of work you do and your willingness to peel away the layers of protection that have been put into place to avoid additional hurt/trauma (perceived or real), eventually unveiling the beautiful individual that you are.

My fee for working with you in this capacity is $1/minute. Typically a session is around an hour in length, but depending on your goal(s) for the session, a session can be as long as is necessary. We will discuss this before we enter into any given session (usually at the time of booking the appointment).
Post-session processing is a 5-10 minute process (not billed) done immediately following the session. It is followed by providing you with a space for you to journal about your experience during the session.

You may pay for a session by clicking on the Pay Now buttons below depending on the length of your session.

One Hour Energy Medicine Session

Two Hour Energy Medicine Session

Three Hour Energy Medicine Session
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