Sacred Earth Wellness - Rites of Passage
The purpose of ceremonies and rituals is to acknowledge an individual or a group for having passed through a major life transition. As a result they will never be the same again. They have passed through a test and come out the other side, having faced their fears and transformed them into meaning. They have gained wisdom from their experiences that can serve not only the themselves, but the community.

As a Minster of The Church of the Earth Nation, I will help you plan to celebrate life's most important events and serve as your facilitator and agent for these events. I will assist you in planning and facilitating your personalized, meaningful ceremony for any life passage you will be making.  Such ceremonies might include opening up to new possibilities or a new career, letting go ceremonies, space clearings, weddings/commitment ceremonies, births, deaths, baptisms, entering womanhood/manhood, and blessings for home and land. 

When we don't acknowledge these passages, part of us can remain always in the past longing for resolution. Participating in ritual allows the person affected to let go and move on, transforming pain into wisdom that can be offered to others. A Rites of Passage ritual is a respectfully held sacred space that invites the Mind, Emotions, Body, and Spirit of the participant to cross over a sacred threshold as an integrated whole and enter into the next "chapter" of life with purpose.

For information on ceremonies and celebrations of the Church of the Earth Nation
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Please note that if you are looking for a  Minister Celebrant in the states of Indiana, Illinois or Michigan they are listed in this link as well.

For local ceremonies, please call me to schedule an appointment and we can begin talking about how I can serve you in this regard.

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