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If These Trees Could Talk, Park 1:
Stories from the Trees of Sunset Park
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The New 10 Commandments for Living Life Authentically:
What We All Must Do To Thrive

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Our Sense-able Nature: Activity Cards to Use and Develop Your 54 Natural Senses
Avoid looking directly at the sun...
Notice the sunlight and the colors it creates.
Notice the shadows and the reflections.
What about the sparkles, specks and squiggles?

This deck of cards is designed to engage many (if not all) of your 54 Natural Senses - bringing you back to your natural state of well-being. 
We spend so much of our life indoors disengaged with the natural world. As a result, our culture is plagued with mental and emotional imbalances that can easily be brought back into balance once we reconnect with the natural world...the world we've been too busy ignoring. We can no longer afford to be disconnected and we need to acknowledge and re-engage all of our senses. This deck of cards provides easy-to-apply activities to help you get there. 

$35* (cost includes shipping and handling in the U.S.)
*will ship when available

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If These Trees Could Talk, Park 2:Messages from the Trees of High Cliff State Park

$19.99 (includes shipping and handling charges in the U.S.)

If These Trees Could Talk Oracle Deck -

$27.00 (includes shipping and handling charges in the U.S.)

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